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Please do not bury your head in the sand!

you don't know what you are missing!


 We want you to enjoy our FARM ASSURED OSTRICH MEAT, if you have not tried it before then here are simple recommendations for its use:-

Ostrich meat is a RED MEAT with excellent qualities. For you to obtain the best results, the meat should be cooked quickly to seal and served pink. The steaks should be prepared similar to fillet of beef. If you prefer to use sauces we recommend light flavoured types or brush with lemon or lime juice, or summer vinaigrettes. Try to avoid strong herbs and spices  

British ostrich meat is very heathly, has an excellent taste.

FAT content less than 0.5%

LOW CHOLESTEROL content 62mg/110g

HIGH PROTEIN 21% ( Ref Millit, Olme,Fisher)  




Steve Brewin


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